Denver School of Salsa

We Are Denver's Premier
Salsa Dance School and Training Center.


Denver School of Salsa was founded in Spring of 2007 by A.J. Washington.

Over the years we have taught hundreds of locals how to Salsa dance and have the best fun imaginable.

Our performance teams have delighted audiences at national dance conventions, local events, parades, business and non for profit events.


BIO — A.J. Washington — “Fun First… Everything Else Second!”

Multiple 1st Place Title Holder, Hawaii, Colorado State Champion, Miami Hustle and Salsa Pro International Salsa Open Bronze 3rd Place, A.J. Washington is an accomplished dancer and musician who has been dancing for over nine years. Born in NY, his dancing has been described as “exciting, smooth, sophisticated, and full of rhythm.” A.J. has studied with many masters of Salsa and Latin dance including: Eddie Torres, Edie the Salsa Freak, Joby Brava, Olivia Dasso, Young Bloodz, Nerri Torres, Michael Peter, Nelson Florez, Santo Rico, Hacha y Machete, and many more. His unique style is a fusion of his studies in Hip-hop, Afro-Cuban, Afro-Brazilian, NY and L.A. style Salsa.

In 2007, A.J. decided to take a break from competing and opened the Denver School of Salsa to share his passion for Salsa.


Welcome to Denver School of Salsa.

Denver School of Salsa located downtown at the Mi Casa Resource Center, we provide dancers with a huge 5,000+ square foot dance floor, great music, and challenging classes all in one convenient prime location!

It is my pleasure to teach you how to Salsa. You start as a beginner and eventually you can become a pro like me.

When I first started, I was inspired by the movie Dance With Me, starring Vanessa Williams. In the movie she was a retired Pro Latin Dancer who decided to make a come back. And boy did she ever, winning the World Latin Championship and finding the love of her life.

After I watched this movie, I just new I had to find a salsa club in Denver. So I got all dressed up, the suit, the shoes, ya know. I was looking pretty good if I do say so myself. OMG, once I arrived I was real nervous walking into my first Salsa club, I don’t speak Spanish. Looking around, I was baffled to say the least. I could not help but think, “I am starting way to late in life to try and learn to salsa”. Everyone, I swear looked as if they had been dancing salsa since they were in diapers. Everyone on the dance floor was so damn good, young, old, in between, didn’t matter. Literally, I was scared to death to jump out there on the dance floor. Next thing I know and beautiful young lady asked me to dance. That was a big shocker, the clubs I’m use to hanging out at people aren’t that friendly. Of course you know what happened next, I turn to her and said “I wish I knew how this is my first time here”, her reply “too bad maybe next time”, two seconds later someone else walked up and asked her to dance. This guy was amazing! He was smooth, confident, and knew how to move. His feet were fast, his hands even faster, as he spun her, dipped her, and ……… everything else you could imagine with perfect timing and rhythm. Her face was lite up with extreme delight and after they were finished, the sweat pouring down their faces, they laughed, thanked each other and simply walked away. Stop the press….. I couldn’t believe it! That was all I needed to see to seal the deal. I had to learn. So I immediately decided to start with some classes first and then try going back to the club a little bit more prepared.

By the end of my first class 12+ years ago, I was already having a great time. My first instructors were great an inspired me to want to learn more…… as fast as possible. Thanks to them a whole new world of possibilities opened for me. Salsa dancing is amazing, and eventually you will want to learn how to dance all of the other Latin dances as well; like Cha Cha, Merengue, Bachata, and Cumbia.

Wait a minute……. don’t get ahead of yourself lets start with the basics. Salsa! I will teach you how to take the steps, the turns, the rhythm, the sensation, the music, and the passion and turn it into one of your best experiences ever. Don’t worry, if you have “three” left feet, I’ll help you go from three left feet to two and eventually you’ll have one left foot and one right foot. LOL! Oh before I forget to mention, the social atmosphere is wonderful, Salsa is great for singles and couples. Be prepared to mix and mingle with lots of new people.

See ya on the dance floor. Ciao.